Dave.com, banking
for humans.


Dave.com, based in LA, is a digital banking service to protect over drafting and provide smart budgeting. In 2021, it went IPO thru SPAC with a valuation of $4 billion.

In early 2017, the former Honey Head of Design, John Wolanin, left and founded Dave.com. It was a huge success right off the bat. Users grew to near 1 million, with another seed round of $3 million secured. John made the architecture of Product and Design for the first version. To gain more users at scale, John came to Ren with the ask of Rebrand, Design System building, and App & Web refreshing.

After Ren’s two months of design consultancy, Dave.com’s registered users surpassed 1 million with another round of $13.3 million investment.

Ren’s contribution remains the foundation of Dave.com’s design today. It now has 10 million users and a $4 billion valuation.

The detailed case studies are below.

1. Rebranding

Injected more trust and personality to Dave.com's current branding to target a broader range of audiences.

2. Design System

Built a reusable web and mobile UI library from the brand refreshing to support future design at scale.

3. UI Refresh

Reskinned all current websites and mobile app with the refreshed Brand and the linked design system.