Design System


After handing off the refreshed branding, building a design system on top seemed to be the natural next step. was scaling 2x to 3x after Series A that year. A more robust design system to handle increasing design requests at scale was never needed that much.

The Problem
HMW create a pattern library that can speed up the design & eng process while enforcing the brand consistency throughout
The impact
Funded all future product design initiatives. User grew from under 1 million to 10 million. Secured multiple rounds of fundings till IPO through SPAC with a total valuation of $4 billion.


  • Studied all the reusable use cases in both mobile and web.
  • Created new Design System IA.
  • Discussed with eng team on feasibility and decided to use React Native as the core and build iOS and Android wrapper when developing in mobile for velocity, and migrated to Native when validated later in the market.


  • The brand level lib: serve as the atom part.
  • The platform level lib: serves as the molecules and organism part.
  • Assets level lib.

After the design system was built up, I continued to apply them all to mobile and web.

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