Assets Creation

Apart from solving problems on the product side, I was also heavily involved with our content creation team to demo our community what Sketch was capable of.


1. Sample Works

The majority part of assets creation works were taken by drawing sample works. Whenever we released a new feature, the sample works will always be included as proof. I was lucky enough to work with world-class talents on delivering tons of amazing drawings using Sketchbook.


Illustrations I made with Sketchbook below.


See more of my illustrations?
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2. Others

  • Feature Tutorials
  • ~Summary: Improved our user education by upgrading our tutorials from text & image based to video based
  • ~Impact: Conversion and new features engagement went up 2x.
  • Brushes
  • ~Summary: Created a special set of ‘Chalk’ brushes by using DJ’s sampling process.
  • ~Impact: The new ‘Chalk’ brush set gained wide popularity in the community.
  • And More...
More Works