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Honey performance marketing

Before we staffed an in-house creative team, I was wearing multiple hats. One of them was leading the creative & brand side of design works. Other than driving Brand Book 2.0 at the strategic level, I've also helped other tactical-level marketing initiatives from explainer videos to the production of TVCs.


1. Honey Explainer Video

Till 2016, our main ways of explaining ‘How Honey Works?’ were either image or text-based due to limited budget and capability. As we were designing the new landing page, we made a consensus to test the new format of video. I took it over, driving it from creative direction to final production.

The Problem
HMW explain how Honey works clearer and hence drives more installs?
The impact
User growth surged from under 1m → 5m.


  • During the storyboarding step, I managed to place our key story of ‘User finds a coupon code while shopping online’ into 13 seconds (Base on the study then, the average person’s attention span has dropped to around 12 seconds). It was succinct and clear enough for users to understand what Honey does and feel excited at the same time.
Honey performance marketing
  • After Effect Work-in-progress file.
Honey performance marketing


The final production video is as below. (This is a 26 seconds version)


2. Honey TVCs

Once our Honey in-house creative team has been fully staffed, I delegated all the creative direction and production responsibilities, so I could focus more on the product design. By building the brand book, my influences still remained in all marketing initiatives. Below are selected high-performing TVCs with my help.

Watch more of our TVC?
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